Our journey started in 2018 from Norway while we are truly touched by seeing a whale was found to death with a sick goose-beaked stomach on the west coast of Norway, where we are from. Its stomach was filled with 30 plastic bags.  The news inspired us to startup our business with the mission to delivery the sustainable products and promote the circular ever-green life style to save our planet.  

The Product Code

We design the products with zero plastic and only use materials with the low carbon footprint. We contract with the manufacturers who has the strong social responsibility and ethics in their culture to produce our products.  At the end, our products is green, sustainable, and reusable or recyclable. We offer three product lines from our collections: Secret Garden, Rustic Home, Retro Fashion. 


KOSNOR is originated from the norwegian phrase “koselig norge” toward the most typical and unique way that people express their happiness with nature, friends, and life. Do you know that Norway is rated as one of the top happiness country in the world? The mission of KOSNOR is to offer the products to our devoted customers to feel and experience of “koselig”. 

The lifestyle of being “koselig” is close to nature, family and friends with very simple but cozy things. A cup of coffee, a book, a chat next to the fireplace, harvesting in the garden, or a simple hiking trip will give the norwegian the full meaning of life. 

We believe the world is a unity regardless color, language, or faith. The difference of who we are brings the diversity of the universe.  The product is the art of works to reflect the time, the culture, and the history inside. We choose the things in resembling asian, european, or american style for being rustic, vintage, and retro but chic and trendy. 

Winners are not people who never fail but people who never quit.

Passion on what we do and act for what we dream  for.